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    Cincinnati Bank Shooting


    At 9:11 am on September 6th, the police received a call for an active shooter in a Fifth Third Bank in downtown Cincinnati. The suspect had begun to open fire in the loading dock inside the bank, continuing to fire as he entered into the lobby. Three people were killed, and two more were injured. As officers arrived on the scene, they were able to engage with the suspect, resulting in his death after being shot multiple times. The police continued to evacuate the rest of the building.

    The suspect was identified as the 29-year-old Ohio resident, Omar Perez. He acted alone in this deadly shooting. He is also believed to have legally purchased a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, along with over 200 rounds of ammunition, as they were both found on the scene of the crime.

    The horrific tragedy resulted in five victims. One of the victims died on the scene, while the other two died later that day in the hospital. The three who were killed were 64-year-old Richard Newcomer, 25-year-old Pruthvi Raj Kandepi, and 48-year-old Luis Felipe Calderon. The other two victims are still in the hospital, with one in critical condition and the other in serious condition.

    The motive behind this shooting is still unknown. Fortunately, it was stopped quickly, and no other people were injured. But it is still a major tragedy that has harmed the lives of five innocent people. Hopefully, we will be able to end these horrific mass shootings and not enable them to be normalized into our society.

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