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    How the Community’s Attitude Affects its Athletes.

    How the Communitys Attitude Affects its Athletes.

    In Lakewood, we are not very used to winning a lot, which sometimes it is not a bad thing. You do not always have to win to have fun and have a great time with your team. You are on a team because you love the sport or to just have fun. We know it sucks losing, but you have to look on the bright side of things.

    Personally I have heard from multiple players on the football team that are displeased with what people say about their team. Students always talk about how bad they are and how they know they are going to lose. They do not realize that their attitudes affect the players.

    If you are so negative towards your own team, then they will have a negative attitude. Even other people in the community are negative about the teams such as parents and random civilians.

    With a positive attitude it, can rub off on the team. It will make them feel so much better about themselves.

    They put in so much work during practice, but no one realizes it. Lakewood’s football team is in a higher conference and they still try their hardest. They do not give up. They still try their hardest.

    They have been working all year to get to where they are. They work so hard everyday after school doing what they love. They are out there practicing no matter how hot or cold it is, even if it is raining.

    They want to work harder and succeed. They believe in themselves and you should too. Without our support they would be nowhere. We need to keep a positive attitude cheering them on. When we at football games and we are down quite a bit. We still need to be cheering them on and pushing them for greatness.

    One of the students on the football team said, “Block out the white noise.” Spencer Reynolds may have a good point.

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