Fall Into Yoga With Ally Rae

Allyson Pesta exploring.

Allyson Pesta exploring.

Jillian Moorman

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon: the sun is shining, the leaves are turning, and it could not be more peaceful. The only thing to make the day better would be yoga! Well guess what– you are in luck!

Ally Rae Pesta, who is the founder , recently graduated from The Ohio State University and is eager to inspire individuals with the nature of peaceful mindsets. Until the end of September, Ally Rae and LJ (her partner) will be holding hour-long yoga sessions starting at 4 o’clock at Lakewood Park. These classes are completely free and donation based in order to spread the word on their growing business/interest.

These two instructors have over 200 hours in certified yoga training. Not only did they get trained in the technical aspect of yoga, but while doing so developed self desire, connection to others, and how to love our bodies. This is something they intend for individuals attending their classes to gain as well.

If while attending these hour-long classes you find your love of yoga, Pesta is offering something more. She is going to be holding a 7 week session starting October 7th; her goal is to teach meditation, mindfulness, and self-inquiry to college bound senior girls. “Starting college is a rough transition and I hope that I can assist in easing into change” said Ally Rae.

Not only should you go because these young ladies are very knowledgeable, but due to the health benefits yoga has. Flexibility is a major component of yoga. As humans age, we grow stiffer– and loosening up may be just what we need.  Another huge advantage is cardio and circulatory health. This is prevalent today due to the huge increase in heart disease. With the amount of heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots it is essential to have something that is out to prevent these horrific incidents.

So, go test out a class in the beautiful city of Lakewood, Ohio– and find your inner self.

If interested in further information, contact information is as follows:


[email protected]