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    Lakewood High School’s Tardy Punishment


    At Lakewood High School, you will receive a 40 minute detention if you’re late to school.

    “Late” means, even if you’re .2 seconds after the bell. It doesn’t matter if your car broke down, if you woke up late, or even if there was an accident on your way to school and you got stuck in traffic (clearly not your fault), you will still be expected to serve a detention.

    I’ve seen students, including myself, run through those main school doors with 30 seconds to spare, then hustle up to their classroom with time running out quickly, and as soon as they go to open the door, the bell just finished ringing.

    The teacher will then say ,“You’re late, do you have a detention slip? If not go and get one.”

    So at this point, you’ve run from your car to the main school doors. You might as well have flown up the stairs.

    You’ve shoved a few students, and ran into a teacher. All to receive a nice 8X11 pink paper, titled,“Detention”, because your hustling wasn’t good enough.

    This tardy detention thing is absurd, and let me remind you, even if you’ve been on time to school all year and one day your alarm didn’t go off because the power went out the night before, so your phone didn’t charge, best believe they’ll see you before or after school for your precious 40 minutes.

    Lakewood High School needs a new tardy punishment, because this is NOT the way to go.

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