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    New iPhone Releases


    Apple has just announced their 2018-2019 lineup of iPhones. This launch will be one of most important in Apple’s history, because they need to impress buyers in order to take over the Chinese brand Huawei as the second-largest phone maker in the world. There are three new phones, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR, and the iPhone XS Max. These iPhones will officially replace the iPhone X, which was pulled from Apple’s store right after this announcement.

    The iPhone XR is the cheapest new iPhone available, with the iPhone XS being in the middle, and the iPhone XS Max being the most expensive. For an iPhone XR, it is $749 for 64GB, $799 for 128 GB and $899 for 256GB. For an iPhone XS, it is $999 for 64GB, $1,149 for 256GB and $1349 for 512GB. For an iPhone XS Max, it is $1,099 for 64 GB, $1, 249 for 256GB and a whopping $1,449 for 512GB. These prices completely demolish the $1,000 ceiling, with two phones only starting at a thousand dollars or more. The price of the iPhone XR remains more reasonable and caters to the returning Apple customer. While the more highly priced items seem like a test from Apple to see how much people will spend on an iPhone.

    All of these phones have added new features that was not on the iPhone X. These include an edge-to-edge display, face ID, a more powerful camera and processor. The main differences among these phones are  the display size and resolution, which go up as the price goes up. The true test is to see for yourself if spending over a grand on a phone is truly worth it.


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