Flooding Drowns Carolinas

Flooding Drowns Carolinas

Shane Rakes

At least 25 people have died and about 500,000 homes are still without power as a result of Hurricane Florence.

A majority of North and South Carolinas population ran for shelter as Hurricane Florence ripped through the states, flooding a majority of it.

Hurricane Florence started out as a teeny, tiny rain cell. This teeny tiny rain cell turned out to be a Category Four hurricane that ripped through the coast of the Carolinas.  People were evacuated as soon as possible from their homes. Some even had to separate from loved ones.

About 40 inches of rain were expected to fall. As expected, this prediction was proved right. This surpassed the previous rainfall record (caused by hurricanes). The record used to be 24.06 inches and has now been moved up to around 40 inches.

The relentless flooding has costed many people to lose their homes and some of their most precious belongings. Officials say that the flooding is far from over. They say that more communities will flood as a result from all of the left over rain water. Many are devastated by this tragedy. Lakewood’s own sophomore Kaleb Zirker said “This is something that no one should ever have to experience.”

The water in Lumber River, which is in North Carolina, was rising a lot faster that officials predicted. The river grew five feet just over night! It then expected to reach 24 feet by lunchtime on Saturday afternoon.

News reports on CNN claim that there have been search and rescue troops out non-stop. There are hundreds of them out there. Looking for the poor souls that were caught up in this monstrous storm.  The flooding is far from over, sadly.

Where will all of this water go? Well, it is going to over-flood the sewers in nearby cities. It will then flow its way down stream to the nearby oceans and fill that up. The hard part of living through the storm may be over, but it’s unforgivable impact on the world will not be forgotten, nor solved for quite a while.