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    Lakewood City Schools Report Card Released


    This September, The State of Ohio School Report Cards were released. Lakewood City Schools scored, overall, a C. This is average in the state of Ohio.

    In comparison to local schools, Rocky River scored an A, Westlake scored a B, and Bay Village scored an A.

    Scores are divided into categories based primarily on Achievement, Graduation Rate, and Preparation for Success.

    Lakewood scored a C on Achievement. This is the same grade as the 2016-2017 year. The Achievement section is divided into two subcategories, Performance Index, and Indicators Met.

    Performance Index earned a C, meaning that, of the 120 points available, 92.9 were granted. As the report explains, “There are seven levels on the index and districts receive points for every student who takes a test. The higher the achievement level, the more points awarded in the district’s index.”

    Indicators Met measures the percent of students who pass state tests. In order to pass an indicator, 80% of students must receive proficient or higher on a state test. Of these 24 indicators going through all grades, Lakewood passed 6 of them, earning a 25% passage rate and an F.

    Lakewood City Schools earned a C for graduation rate. The four-year graduation rate for the class of 2017 was 84.6%. The state average is 84.1%.

    Under the Preparation for Success category, Lakewood earned a D. Of the 731 graduates of the class of 2015, 299 of them earned either an honors diploma, an industry recognized credential, or a remediation-free ACT or SAT score.

    Lakewood student, Sara Bitter, a senior, said she was disappointed with the results. “I think Lakewood is a great school, and definitely deserves a better grade than a C.”

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