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    The Lack of Kindness In Modern Society


    Bullying is evident now more than ever due to the digital era we live in.  Pictures can be posted and uploaded across multiple different platforms within seconds; While that is beneficial–consequences also follow.

    Consequences such as stranger shaming, the act of posting pictures or videos of strangers doing something and making fun of them for their actions. One of the more recent examples would be when a video of a man shaving on the train went viral, comments were posted calling him dirty, disgusting, disgraceful. However, the man featured in the video later came out to say that he was homeless and trying to better his life; People then began to feel bad for their words and judgments.

    But, at that point it was too late–the words were already said. This is a common occurrence ,people poked at, ridiculed, and condemned for pictures taken of them. Pictures taken of them that results in their privacy and personal space being invaded.

    It is sad, that this is something that one has to worry about. Because just as it was seen in that example of the man on the bus, there is always a back story to what one is going through. You never know what goes on behind closed doors and everyone should promote kindness because of that.

    In school setting it is most popular, whether it is seen in the classroom, lunch room, or sporting events. When Lakewood High school student, Grace Stringer, was asked what she thought about the lack of kindness in the world today, she responded with, “Kindness–like genuine kindness, not anything fake, is hard to come by. I think everyone is selfish and stuck in their ways no matter what.” I then asked if she thought it was worse in a school setting, and she responded with, “Oh absolutely, kids do not see consequences with their actions and act based on being cool or trying to fit in–even if it means putting someone else down. ”

    Though there are a handful of people in this world who strive to better their communities and those around them–most people are inconsiderate of others and their feelings; which in turn makes our society selfish and deprives it of any genuine kindness.

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