Who`s the better the quarterback?

Who`s the better the quarterback?

Ali Alhamdani

Over the years, it’s been a crazy argument about who is the better quarterback, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.  Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings than Aaron Rodgers, but I have never ever seen the skill and the talent that Rodgers has.

I have watched both great quarterbacks with my own two eyes, Tom Brady has won 16 division titles with the Patriots, and 9 have resulted in AFC Championships and 9 Super Bowl appearances. Of the 9 Super Bowls, Tom Brady has led his team to 5 Super Bowl victories collecting 5 big rings.

Another great achievement that Brady has accomplished is that he has all 5 Super Bowl MVP Awards. In my opinion Tom Brady stat chases. He strived for 27–10 record in the post season. Wins do not determine everything. A quarterback can control most of the offense, but it’s the running backs and the receivers who make all the plays. The Patriots have been a dominant team for the past 2 decades. Brady also has no control over a dominant defense and special teams.

Yes Tom Brady is really good and most people say he is the GOAT (greatest of all time) but this is false. Senior Will Adams said, “Tom Brady has more wins but Aaron Rodgers has more talent.” The real GOAT is Aaron Rodgers and I will tell you why. Rodgers is the most clutch player the NFL has ever seen.

Yes Tom Brady and his team did comeback from Super Bowl 50 at halftime but Brady’s teammates stepped up. Rodgers doesn’t consistently have a good team, but he still carries the team every year and they make the playoffs almost every year.

Two weeks ago the Packers played the Bears. Aaron Rodgers was injured by halftime and he went to the locker room, after halftime he came back and won that game. Tom Brady would have never come back from that injury and played on the same night.

Aaron Rodgers reached 300 touchdown passes quicker than Tom Brady. Rodgers has a higher completion percent than Brady and Rogers has a higher career quarterback rating than him. Rodgers has less turnovers than Tom Brady overall and Rodgers accuracy is better than Brady`s.

The NFL teams know how prepare for Tom Brady and his team when Aaron Rodgers plays he is on another level, he is a nightmare to defensive coaches because he can do anything. This is my opinion and this argument will go on forever, but remember Tom Brady cheated to get into the Super Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers is the real GOAT.