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    New American Horror Story Season


    American Horror Story is back yet again with a new season. The show is well-known for every season having a different theme and plot. Premiering with Murder House, the show continued with Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke and Cult. Season eight is the newest season, which was released on Wednesday, September 12, is called Apocalypse.

    A big part of American Horror Story is the seemingly different story lines that have minor connects tying it all together. Whether it is characters appearing in other seasons or referencing previous plots and events, the creators of the show keep viewers on their toes. Fans have created many theories on how the show will connect, as it has been told that the seasons are all related. Apocalypse will most likely be a major clue in connecting the pieces.

    Unlike the previous seasons, season eight has been confirmed to be a crossover. Ryan Murphy tweeted, “The Coven/Murder House AHS crossover season won’t be happening next year… because it’s happening THIS YEAR. AHS #8 WITCHES RULE THIS SEPTEMBER.” What Murphy is referring to is a crossover of seasons one and three, Murder House and Coven.

    While some seasons such as Roanoke have been shrouded in mystery until the release, this season producers gave fans some hints of what to expect. One major piece of information given is that the season literally takes place in the apocalypse. According to Alexis Martin Woodall, an executive producer for the show, “The story begins with the end of the world and then our world begins.”

    Lakewood High School Senior, Ean Starcovic, says “The new season is not “scary” as in jump scares, but scary as in it might happen because its one of the most realistic seasons to date.”

    New episodes will be released every Wednesday on the FX channel. Be sure to tune in to see how this season of American Horror Story will unfold.

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