Is Lakewood High schools dress code out of date?

Is Lakewood High schools dress code out of date?

Joseph Toole

Dress code is a highly debated topic across America. It is widely talked about among high school youth and even national news programs. As a local issue for lots of teens attending Lakewood High School dress code is considered out of date. The problem with the school’s dress code is not the specific rules themselves but the ill-defined regulations that govern students school wardrobe.

In the Lakewood City Schools dress code draft broad terms such as “heavy outer wear” and “over expose” are used to describe the needs the article of clothing must meet. Terms like these can be interpreted in many different ways based on any given persons opinion or beliefs. “Low necklines will not be permitted”, this statement itself has no unit of measurement and no reference point given. You could revise that statement in a more literal way by saying “Tops must extend to the point of that persons collarbone”. “All clothing must be of appropriate size and fit neatly” this guideline is unusually vague for a public regulation. Rules like these leave students at the opinions of their administrators.

When students do happen to be “dress coded” They are sent to a house office and are at the hands of their administrator. They have the option to go home and change their outfit, call a family member or friend to bring them appropriate clothing, or spend the rest of their day in “ISA” (in school assignment). These punishment methods are merely bothersome and prevent the student from learning all because his shirt may have a hole or his jeans have a minor tear.

Overall, the dress code regulations system is flawed in its design but fixable at Lakewood High School. It by no means is unlawful but it continues to waste the precious time that students and their administrators limited to.