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    Deagans Eight Year Anniversary


    Lakewood is the prime spot for a restaurant; with everything in walking distance, and three highway exits spreading across the city, people are able to come from far and wide (or right down the street). With dozens of restaurants across Lakewood’s radius, there are lots of  things to do on a night out.

    One of the dozens of restaurants is located on the corner of Cook and Detroit: Deagans Kitchen and Bar. Deagans is a gastropub that opened on September 23rd, 2010. This past Sunday it celebrated its eight year anniversary. The menu includes a range of options from appetizers such as house fries, loaded tater tots, and freshly made Salsa and Guacamole, to Small Plates such as, cornbread, duck meatloaf, and spicy shrimp tacos, and finally entrees like chicken and waffles, a burger, or a flat-iron steak. Not to mention there are salads and options for children too.

    Aside from the countless menu options, there is a full bar with plenty of room to drink with friends; and if the bar is not your speed, there is a spacious party room that one can rent out, along with a plethora of room within main dining area of restaurant. With the help of events coordinator, Rachel Rossen, all of your party needs will be taken care of.

    The interior decor of the restaurant gives off an at home vibe, presenting a welcoming environment including brick, a comfy waiting space, and lots of booths. During the holidays, it even turns in to a winter wonderland, making anyone feel like it is Christmas morning. Gray Cooper, an English teacher at Lakewood high school, often goes to Deagans with family and friends; when asked what he thought makes it successful enough to stay open for the last eight years, he responded with, “It has a comfortable atmosphere. It is not super expensive, but it also is not like a dive bar, it a good middle. On top of that, there is good service.”

    The owners, Daniel Deagan and Daniel Stroup had the right idea when creating Deagans Kitchen and Bar due to its welcoming, comfortable, and laid back environment that everyone near and far from Lakewood loves.

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