The Controversy About Homecoming Dress Code

The Controversy About Homecoming Dress Code

Maddy McFarlin

Homecoming is a tradition all across the country to get dressed up and be with friends or dates. The whole night is spent dancing, singing along to the music and laughing. Everyone always has lots of fun with each other.

All homecomings are not the same at every school. Some differences are the types of dancing, music and themes. It goes along with what the students want. So whatever they like will sometimes happen.

The reason sometimes is that they are trying to change some of the rules at the dance. They were trying to change the rules of girls’ dresses to be at the knee instead of how they normally are at mid-thigh. For girls at our school that are tall it is not very easy to find a dress that goes all the way down to their knees. Some of the girls already got their dresses too so that was another problem.

Everyone was trying to get them to change it back. Parents complained and students complained about the subject. Even some teachers were backing up the students and telling them to fight for this and not give up.

The dresses that stores make nowadays usually do not fit all of the standards for what they want us to wear; it is not easy finding a dress and when we find one that it is nice we buy it.

They are also trying to have the lights be on the whole time during the dance which is pretty weird. Every year they always have the lights off and colorful lights shining which looks very nice. Especially since our theme is “Glow In the Dark,” how are we supposed to glow in the dark if the lights are on? The answer is we aren’t we are just going to be in the bright lights.Not to mention but the way we dance probably would not want to be seen with the lights on.

The students do not spend $15-$20 on tickets and however much their clothing is to go to a dance that everyone is going to just be standing around at. If the lights are on everyone will stand the whole time awkwardly. They are saying students will get kicked out for their dancing, after paying all that money. Which is completely unfair.

We paid this money to go to a dance we want to enjoy with our friends. Not to be there to please all of the administrators and make it there dance. It is our dance, so we are going to make it ours.

“It is ridiculous that they are just now trying to change all of this after all of these years.” Junior, Miabella Doerr felt this way about the changes.