Person of the Week- Semra Dervisevic

Person of the Week- Semra Dervisevic

Shane Rakes

Semra Dervisevic is an outstanding scholar. She is a very hardworking and focused student. She is an excellent role model and an even better student. Luckily, I got a chance to sit down with Semra myself and ask her a few questions to get inside of that big brain of hers.

Q- What tips would you give to people about studying?

A- My tip for studying is to space it out as long as you can. Do a little bit each day, so overtime you will accumulate a lot of material but still are not completely overwhelmed and stressed out as opposed to just cramming everything in one day before the test. I learn by repetition. I take a dry erase board (or you can use paper, whatever you prefer) and rewrite what I need to know whether it is vocab, definitions, equations, or basic facts. Doing that everyday helps me retain information and could possibly help you too!

Q- What is your favorite subject in school?

A- My favorite subject would have to be science- specifically biology. I was heavily interested and fascinated with everything I was taught in that class. It is basically a period where you acquire knowledge about yourself and the way the world evolves around you, right before your eyes. Genetics was, by far, my favorite unit of study because I simply cannot get over the fact that we can figure out, using DNA, what hair color unborn babies will have or even, in some cases, find genetic mutations and attempt to find cures for them.

Q- What are some of your best academic achievements?

A- My best academic achievements have to be being currently ranked number nine in my class of 300 or more students. Another is being able to have a job and still maintain a steady 4.2 GPA. It takes a surfeit of willpower and perseverance but the benefits do pay off in the end.

Q- What, if any, colleges do you plan on attending?

A- I am currently between two colleges: I will either be attending Arizona State or Cleveland State University next fall.