Browns Wide Reciver Antonio Callaway Pleads Not Guilty

Browns Wide Reciver Antonio Callaway Pleads Not Guilty

Shane Rakes

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Antonia Callaway was promoted to the Browns first team after the trade of Corey Colman. Callaway was pulled over at 2:59 AM on August 5th, 2018. When he was pulled over he found out he was driving with a suspended license, a small amount of marijuana, and a strap for a handgun along with ammunition. Even though the police found these items in his car, the Cleveland Browns still stood behind him.

This isn’t Callaway’s first incident off the field, though. He had a positive drug test at the NFL combine and he has admitted to smoking marijuana leading up to the event. Coach Hue Jackson was unaware of Callaway’s run in with the Police until 2 days before the Browns vs Giants game. The Cleveland Browns found it fit that they punished the rookie wide receiver by not taking him out of the game. Coach Hue Jackson wanted to leave him in play after play, snap after snap, and by the time it was halftime he was exhausted.

His car was shipped from Florida to Ohio before he was pulled over by Strongsville Police.  Antonio Callaway said “I hate the negative light had to be shinned on the Browns, but im doing whatever I have to do to gain my coaches and teammates’ trust back. So it wont happen again.”

He pleaded not guilty for the marijuana found in his car and his court date was moved to October 4th, 2018. If he is found guilty in the eyes of the court he will face a NFL suspension. There is also a charge of driving with a suspended license, but his lawyer claims it was due to an error in his paperwork.