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    What Technology Has Done To Children

    Nowadays everyone has some sort of technology no matter what your age is. Some people do not even know what the world is like without all this technology and they never will. Some people even have withdrawal from not having their phones for a certain amount of time. The first thing people think or look at in the morning is their phone. It is usually the first thing they make sure they have before they leave their house and if they forget it then they make a big deal about it.

    Technology has changed the way we do everything now. We have started going paperless and everything is so technical. You really can not go anywhere and see nothing at the place you are at with any types of technology.

    Our day-to-day lives are just filled will all types of technology in businesses, schools, homes. Everyone’s way of thinking and doing things has changed drastically in the past 10 years.

    The kids nowadays base their life off of technology. They do not know how to live without it and they probably could not live without it for even one day. I know some kids that when they get their phone or some sort of technology away they start to freak out and have a temper tantrum.

    As good as technology is there are so many downsides that come along with it. A big thing that technology has not helped out society in is mental illness. Mental illness rates have sky rocketed ever since social media and technology became so popular.

    A lot of people try to use technology and the things on the internet to cope with mental illness which can sometimes lead to even worse mental illness. The internet usually is not the best place and some people do not realize that, but they think it is. They think they can just forget about their problems and focus on social media.

    “Technology has made my life a lot easier but I see in a lot of people how it can go wrongly,”- Joan Wilburn. Technology is a great thing but not always the best thing. Some people truly do not realize that and they get sucked into the black hole of the internet and society.

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