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    Indonesia: Devastation Following Natural Disaster


    Just days after the combined earthquake/tsunami that hit Indonesia on Wednesday, September 28th, there are thousands of people dead, injured and displaced. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake has taken a major toll on all areas effected.

    The earthquake struck and quickly escalated into a tsunami that has had devastating effects on the nation of Indonesia.

    The most recent count places the death toll at more than 1,550 people with thousands injured.

    The earthquake destroyed more than 70,000 homes displacing hundreds of thousands of children and families.

    In addition to the earthquake, a volcano erupted on the devastated Sulawesi island. This has reportedly resulted in no casualties or injuries.

    Most roads and transportation have been destroyed, which has made getting aid and supplies to effected areas a major struggle. Many people are left frustrated by the lack of food and medical supplies; especially after many countries offered money and aid but were extremely delayed due to the damages to roads and lack of transportation.

    Many are left very desperate as almost 92 people have been arrested for looting items such as motor oil, tires, farming tools, and various vehicle parts.

    Aside from the detrimental devastation to the towns, islands, and homes of Indonesia, the impact on its economy will be nothing short of fatal as the nation was already struggling economically.

    There are many questions pertaining to the effect this crisis will have on surrounding countries.

    Lakewood student Elizabeth Halko commented on the impacts of the earthquake saying, “Considering that Indonesia is an island nation, I don’t believe that the disaster will have a significant tangible impact on its surrounding countries. However, Indonesia’s “Border” Countries are predominantly islands (or peninsulas) as well, and this disaster may prompt a new awareness of the potential for such catastrophe to occur in these countries also.”

    Electricity has been restored in a few areas but there is still much help needed to bring the nation of Indonesia back on its feet.



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