The Melt

The Melt

David Facaros

The Melt is one of the most popular restaurants in all of Lakewood. It was first opened in September of 2006 in the heart of the city. The owner, Matt Fish, opened the restaurant with a very small budget, but as they expanded to 13 different locations the revenue grew. In April, The Melt was renovated for a short period and later opened back up on May 4th.

Their goal was to modernize the restaurant while keeping the original look and feel. The renovation included a new host and serve area, two new first-floor bathrooms and a new “Melt” sign on the back of the building.

The Melt’s menu has a lot to offer. Anything from grilled cheese and fries to soups and salads are displayed on the menu. A full grilled cheese in the classic category ranges from 7-10 dollars while the grilled cheeses with beef are about 14 dollars.

Another popular menu item are their burgers. There are 14 different burgers that are all priced at 15 dollars. The BBQ Pig Burger with roasted pulled pork, onion rings, barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese is a favorite throughout the restaurant. They also have 4 different soups that are all priced at 3-4 dollars and the most popular flavor the French Onion.

Senior Adam Hascher said, “I’ve only been there a couple of times, but my favorite meal would have to be the Backyard BBQ”.

The Melt is also popular throughout the area because of a challenge that is available for anyone to attempt. It is a 5 pound grilled cheese that consists of 13 different cheeses, 3 slices of bread and a pile of fries. If you complete the challenge without any bathroom breaks you are awarded a shirt and a 10 dollar gift card. Only 20 people have been able to consume the whole sandwich.

The Melt is always a great place to go with your friends and family.