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    How Your Imagination Controls A Lot About You.


    What would life be like today if we were not allowed to use our imaginations? Well we will all be acting like robots. We would have the same schedule everyday. We would have the same conversations. We would not know what life is actually like.

    Without your imagination you are not you. You would not be making the same decisions a you are right now. Would you even be reading this article? Would I have even wrote this article? The answer is no because we would never think of this. Our brains would just be empty with little to no thoughts. Would you really want to live your day-to-day life-like everyone else and being bored out of your empty mind?

    Every decision you make throughout the day is pretty much based off of your imagination. You would not be friends with the people you are friends with now if you did not have your imagination. You would do everything different and not what you truly wanted. Without your imagination you would have everyone else’s imagination–not yours.

    Your imagination makes you the person you are. The things you like are based off of it. The things your mind comes up with is incredible and unbelievable; I mean some of it truly can be unbelievable.

    “My imagination helps me daydream when it is needed.” -Sabrina Hamdan

    What about the music you like to listen to everyday. Do yo think it would be the same if you did not have your imagination? Well you would not because it is made just for you. Wow isn’t that crazy, just for you.

    We would not have all of the great things we have today if it wasn’t for people with great imaginations. Like Isaac Newton, he would nit have been able to figure out the 3 Laws of Gravity without his amazing imagination.

    Your imagination has dreamed so much and made so many decisions for you, some good and some not so good, but that is perfectly fine. Either way you love your imagination and your imagination loves its owner… You!

    Just be happy with its thoughts and decisions because at least you aren’t a thoughtless robot.

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