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    The Nomination of Kavanaugh


    Brett Kavanaugh has been appointed to the Supreme Court and has since been sworn in. The whole process of nomination, hearing, and confirmation has been wrought with controversy. The main one being the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, her reports of back high school Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. Two other women stepped up to say that during college he committed sexual misconduct as well.

    “What happened was not only a disservice to the people who were principal witnesses, but was a disservice to the American public. We were all disserved in 1991 – people wanted to understand sexual harassment. In 2018, they wanted to understand sexual assault,” Anita Hill at the University of Pennsylvania. Anita Hill stands in the aftermath of a case similar to Ford’s. She has not to witness outside the same judgement she received be put onto another woman and to see another case of justice not being served.

    Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination went through Senate with a 50-48 vote, skating by with two less votes than that of Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991 after Anita Hill accused him of sexual misconduct. Hill had been working in Thomas’ office prior to his nomination by George H.W. Bush

    Kavanaugh has been ridiculed by his peers in the legal community. Law professors, over 2,400 to be exact, signed a petition against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. They site Federalist Paper 78, where Alexander Hamilton called for, “integrity and moderation of the judiciary.”

    Currently there is a petition to have Kavanaugh impeached. It has reached 174,000 signatures. Their goal is 200,000 signatures.

    The petition, by Credo Action, has the petition on the grounds of perjury. Perjury is lying under oath. Those opposed say he committed 30 separate instances of lying under oath during his hearings.

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