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    New York Limousine Crash


    Last Saturday, a terrible accident took place in Schoharie, New York. Over 20 people were killed in a tragic limousine accident. The limousine had run through an intersection and hit a parked car in the parking lot across the street. As the limousine hit the parked car, it flipped over, killing two bystanders, and ended up in a ravine.

    The group of people were heading to celebrate a 30th birthday party in Cooperstown, New York. Many of the people were family, with four sisters and two brothers involved in the crash. Many of the people had wives, husbands, and children that are now without their loved ones.

    Federal investigators looked heavily into this accident, the deadliest transportation accident since a 2009 plane crash in Buffalo. At first, little information was known about why or how this accident happened, but more information has been brought to light.

    The owner of the limousine company has been charged with criminally negligent homicide. The complaint states that he hired the limousine driver knowing that he did not have the appropriate license. The complaint also states that he knew that the limousine had mechanical and safety deficiencies, some that could have affected the brakes. He was found in his car, seemingly ready to flee, and is now in custody.

    This terrible event seems to have been caused by lack of proper checks and regulations. It was a tragedy that did not need to happen, and now families have to deal with a tremendous loss. As Lakewood resident Ella Calleri says, “It is quite a tragedy. I hope that all of the families are coping well.”

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