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    Officials are Conducting Three-year Survey of the Lakewood Housing Stock


    When a community has housing stock that is quickly approaching the century mark, a proactive approach to maintain homes and avoiding mildew and plant diseases is needed. In Lakewood, the city has created its Housing Forward initiative, which includes an every three-year property survey of all one and two-family homes.

    Lakewood Mayor Mike Summers said, “This survey approach achieves this by narrowing our attention from 14,000 houses to less than 1,200.”

    This allows Lakewood to pay very close attention to the select homes and make sure that all of the problems are taken care of. It provides disciplined approaches that would make the end result of all the surveying and inspections more effective.

    “The reason we started the Housing Forward strategy was because the majority of homes in Lakewood are approaching 100 years old, and we’re working very hard to prepare them for their second century,” says City of Lakewood Director of Planning and Development Bryce Sylvester.

    During the month of October, teams led by Lakewood’s property maintenance inspectors, employees from multiple departments and LakewoodAlive members will be surveying the entire city of Lakewood.

    Two city-wide surveys have been done, resulting in an increase in the number of residential building permits and safety with a reduction in signs of blight since 2012.

    Sylvester says the primary goal of the survey is to notify homeowners of building code issues of their property and then work with them to fix violations.

    Maddie Pedley says, ” This is a perfect thing for the city of Lakewood. It keeps all of us safe, and raises the value of Lakewood homes.”

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