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    Ariana Grande’s Short Lived Engagement


    After just a few short weeks of dating, Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson confirmed his engagement to Ariana Grande on Jimmy Fallon. Taking the social media world by storm, everyone was quick to express their emotions and reactions to the sudden engagement.

    A lot of people did not even know who Davidson was prior to the engagement, and wondered what he did to be with the extremely talented singer and actress. A little background on Davidson: He is an American comedian and actor, most widely known for being a cast member on Saturday Night Live. But you may have also seen him performing standup on Jimmy Kimmel Live, being on Guy Code, and Wild ‘n Out.

    Now since that has been covered–back to the engagement, or lack there of.

    Following the announcement of their engagement, the couple was not shy when it came to talking about one another or posting about one another. They also moved in together, and Grande even has a song titled “Pete Davidson.” Though it was fast-moving, they seemed to be happy.

    Then, about four months after the confirmation, a source close to Grande reported that the engagement had been called off. There was no reasons released as to why things were called off so quickly. It could be due to the death of Mac Miller, who dated Grande for two years, or vulgar jokes being made by Davidson regarding her looks, or the fact that they got engaged after a few weeks of dating.

    A fellow student, Claire Hylton, believes that it was “not because of Mac Miller, or the jokes, but instead just the basic fact that they had rushed into everything and are still very young. They did not give time for things to fall into place the way they should.”

    Whatever the reason may be, the couple is no longer together according to sources, and no one seems to be too surprised by it.


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