Kandahar police chief killed in Afghan attack

Kandahar police chief killed in Afghan attack

Ali Alhamdani

Since 2001, about 2,301 soldiers have died in action over seas. On October 10, 2018 the police chief of Kandahar province in Afghanistan was killed in an attack following a security meeting with the top US commander. Two American soldiers were wounded really bad, but General Miller, the head of the American troops, was luckily not injured or killed. The meeting took place in Kandahar Afghanistan. One of the worst cities in Afghanistan. General Miller took his troops and wanted to have a meeting with the leader of the Afghan chief.

The meeting was about security and safety for the city of Kandahar. They do not know who  the killer was at the moment and are trying to find out where he is from. They also wanted more information about the whole meeting and why the killer did it.

The police chief, Gen. Abdul Raziq Achakzai, was one of the most prominent security figures in Afghanistan. General Miller stated ” Gen. Abdul Raziq Achakzai was a good man and the things that he did for that city will never be undone”.

The shooter was killed by the U.S Military because they claimed they saw the shooter shooting, so they fired back at him in a second.  The two wounded U.S soldiers are unnamed as of now because they are waiting for their health to recover to see if they can reveal their names to the public. This is the latest deadly attack causing a setback to U.S. efforts to in showing progress in America’s longest-running war.

The war between the U.S and Afghanistan has been going on for about 17 years now. Senior Will Adams says, ” The war has been going on forever and people are dying. The people just want peace.”