Halloween Sequel

Halloween Sequel

Nina Zanghi

The year is 1978, the day is October 25, and Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis starred in the classic horror film, Halloween. The movie begins with the troubled and violent past of young adult Michael Myers; it then moves on to his stalking and harassing of high school student Laurie Strode. Strode managed to escape from Myers, but Myers body was never found.

The year is 2018, the day is October 19, and Jamie Lee Curtis is again starring in Halloween. Although there have been 10 other Halloween movies in the franchise, this one will be the only true sequel to the original movie. This will Laurie Strode’s last confrontation to her greatest enemy.

The movie begins four decades after the murders. Michael Myers was found and is now being held in a sanitarium. True-crime reporters try to interview Myers, but he refuses to speak. Laurie Strode has had to deal with post traumatic stress disorder from being attacked by Meyers; this results in two failed marriages and the loss of custody of her only child. They then travel to find Laurie Strode, and to convince her to sit down with Myers to figure out why he committed the murders in 1978. Strode refuses. Later, there was an unfortunate accident involving the transportation of Myers, allowing him to escape. This begins the crazy interactions between Myers and Strode.

Halloween has been very much-anticipated. The reviews for the movie have been pretty good. Even if you have seen the first Halloween, or any of the others in between, this horror movie seems like a great way to celebrate Halloween. As local Annika Mintzlaff says, “I am very excited to see it.”