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    The Buckeyes Playoff Chances


    After a gruesome loss in West-Lafayette on Saturday, the nation is questioning the Buckeyes chances at a playoff spot later this season. Coming into the season, Purdue was 3-3 and unranked while Ohio State was ranked 2nd in the country.

    The Buckeyes didn’t play well against Minnesota the week before as well, raising questions about the team overall. Most analysts and fans point to the secondary and lack of a running game. Quarterback, Dwayne Haskins has been a bright spot to the team going 49-73 with 470 yards and two touchdowns.

    Ohio State is definitely in the playoff conversation, even with a bad loss to Purdue. They are currently second in the Big Ten East, just behind Michigan. If both Ohio State and Michigan win out, they’re game against each other will decide who represents the East division in the Big Ten Championship. At the beginning of the season you could make an argument that the Buckeyes are a much better team than the Wolverines but 8 weeks later Michigan is now ranked higher.

    If Ohio State wins out and beats Michigan State and Michigan, those are two quality wins before playing in the championship game. The Buckeyes would have 4 wins against ranked opponents for the committee to look at when deciding who gets into the playoffs. Most likely Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame will all get a spot if they win out, leaving one more for a team like Ohio State, Michigan, Texas or Oklahoma. Senior Adam Hacsher said, “I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs because they’ll lose to Michigan”.

    I think the Buckeyes will secure the 4th spot in the playoffs because of their wins against quality opponents.

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