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    Everyone Is Stressed


    Everyone gets stressed one way or another no matter what it is you are doing. You may not realize it, but when you are walking down the street looking around at people all around you–they are all stressed. They are all stressing about different things in different ways.

    Even walking around the halls everyone might look all relaxed, but deep down inside they are stressing about something. That something could be grades, a test, talking to someone, or liking someone, the list could go on forever.

    Some people just put so much on themselves and get so stressed out over everything. They want to succeed and just push themselves so much, but it just makes them freak out even more. Teachers stress out too, they have their own separate lives. Such as Ms. Craighead, a student teacher at Lakewood High School said, “It is stressful learning how to balance learning the art of teaching as well as being in an intensive Masters Of Education  Program.”

    Being able to balance school, work and a social life is very hard nowadays. People end up stressing out a lot about it. They want to make sure that they can keep all good grades in school, keep a stable well-paying job and a decent social life in high school because we all know how important that is. Most people get very stressed out from trying to keep their life like this; they want to make it as stable as possible.

    Everyone wants their life to be perfect nowadays, but sorry to put it to you, it never is. Everyone tries so hard to make it so great, but then always get so disappointed when it is not as good as they expected. Then they get all stressed out trying to make it better or fix it.

    Everyone just needs to relax once in a while. I get it we all stress out, even I stress out. The next time you get stressed out listen to some good music or go on a walk or a nice car ride or just something to take your mind off of everything. Relax.

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