Single Use Plastic Banned

Single Use Plastic Banned

James Morrissey

A vote in the European Parliament has taken place for a complete ban for a variety of single-use plastics in an effort to stop pollution in our oceans. According to BBC News, the vote passed and it calls for a reduction in single-use plastic for food and drink containers such as plastic cups. The bill also places a ban on plastic cutlery and plates, cotton buds, straws, drink-stirrers, and balloon sticks.

According to BBC News, one member of the European Parliament stated, “by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans”. A ban was proposed in may by the European Commission, following an increase in support for environmental safety. The EU hopes to have the bill in full effect by 2021. BBC News reported on Parliament member Frédérique Ries, the man who proposed the bill, said, “It is a victory for our oceans, for the environment and for future generations.” You can read more at (Link Below)

Plastic waste is a threat to various wildlife such as birds, fish, and other marine animals. According to the European Commission, only just under a third of plastic waste is collected and recycled, most of what’s left ends up in our earths oceans. 50% of that comes from single use items, the biggest being cigarette butts followed by straws.

Sustainability efforts that preserve the environment and conserve energy are supported by The city of Lakewood. Countless waste, refuse, recycling initiatives are used throughout  the city. According to,  all residents are also encouraged to find ways to reduce carbon usage and improve energy efficiency in their homes. You can visit their website to learn more and discover sustainable strategies such as the Green Refuse and Recycling Initiative, or simpler things such as leaf pickup. (Link Below)