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    Happy News for Your Friday


    Amidst all the difficulty of being a knowledgeable citizen comes a responsibility to read the news; I applaud you for being here. In attempts to thank you for educating yourself and therefore being a better member of society, I’ve compiled the top 3 best local and national news from this week and weeks past. Here they are.

    1. The New York Times and Spotify worked together this October to look at what locations listen to the most Halloween music. It turns out that Lakewood, OH listens to Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett more than any other city in the United States. And besides that iconic song, Lakewood, OH listens to Halloween music as a whole more than any other city in the United States, making us the most spooky city this time of year.

    (Story courtesy of Patch,

    2. 2-year old Gracie Lutz in Anderson, California made burritos with her mom Chelsey, and handed them out to firefighters taking on the Carr Fire. Gracie’s uncles and grandfather are all fighting the Carr Fire, and when her uncle Kody expressed his hunger for a burrito, Chelsey and Gracie got to work. “In the beginning the fire was kicking their butts and it was sad and disheartening for them, so I think any little kind gesture goes a long ways when battling such a tragic fire,” Chelsey Lutz told Today.

    (Story courtesy of Today,

    3. Newly-weds Marília Pieroni and Matheus Gomes Martins in Brazil just welcomed a new member into their family–a stray dog! During the ceremony, after being escorted out of the tent shielding everyone from the rain, the dog kept finding his way back in. The final time, as they said their vows, the stray dog plopped down on Pieroni’s veil for a nap. After snagging some food at the buffet during the reception, the pup wandered off. The couple got a tip from locals about the dog’s whereabouts and eventually found him and named him Snoop.

    (Story courtesy of Huffington Post,

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