What do Lakewood students do on Halloween

What do Lakewood students do on Halloween

Riley Geyer

Halloween is coming, and it is a popular holiday among young adults. Some go to haunted houses, some go to parties, others stay home and pass out candy.

It’s an awkward age in terms of deciding what to do on Halloween. Many believe teens are too old to Trick or Treat with the kids. According to Zahra Lalani, reporter for the Chicago Tribune, teens are too old to trick or treat. “I think there are much better uses of a teen’s time than spending hours on a school night walking door-to-door for free candy.”

However, Elizabeth Mucha and Whitney Young, also from the Chicago Tribune, say otherwise. “As you get older, you can appreciate the finer points of Halloween. Costumes become more complex, you can plot the perfect route to maximize your candy yields and, best of all, you can spend a night with your friends re-living your childhood.”

So what do high schoolers do on Halloween?

Some are working. Lakewood senior Sara Bitter says she planned on trick or treating with her friends, but was scheduled to work instead. She doesn’t think teens are too old to trick or treat. “Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. That’s what this holiday is all about, if I could go trick or treating, I definitely would.”

Some are trick or treating, despite what adults say. Lakewood students Tayt Armitage and Charlie Prindle are going together. Prindle says, “I think it’s my last year to do this before I get doors slammed in my face.” According to the city of Lakewood, if you want to trick or treat, you should do so on Halloween night, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Some attend parties. Sarah Drago says she’s going to a small party with her friends.

But ultimately, it’s the student’s decision on how they spend the night. Whether passing out candy with friends or spending the night watching scary movies, teens will find some way to enjoy this holiday.