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    Lakewood Improving Bridges for Pedestrians and Bicycles


    The bridges that connect Lakewood to other cities are seeking improvement for pedestrians and bicycles. This project will cost around a $60,000 study that is trying to set the bridges for an easier and safer route for these types of transportation.

    One of the focuses on this topic is that people from Rocky River and other cities visit the Cleveland Metroparks. The metroparks go through a bunch of different cities throughout the Cleveland area and many people travel down there.

    One of the entrances is right next to a bridge that connects Lakewood and Rocky River.

    “This is something that has kind have  been a long time in the making,” Lakewood City Planner Katelyn Milius said, “We think those bridges between us and Rocky River are kind of critical points in the system for pedestrians and bicyclists to go between cities, and also access the metroparks trail system, which now at Detroit and Sloan Avenues is mile marker 0 for 33 miles of pathways through the Rocky River Reservation to the Towpath Trail.” (

    “Right now, those bridges are definitely designed for cars,” Milius said. “A lot of them have several lanes of traffic, making it uncomfortable to cross. They have smaller sidewalks with steep curbs. It’s not safe to bike or walk on them.” (

    Providing these great changes to the pedestrians and bicycle riders will not only improve the safety of many citizens who use this bridge, but make the cities more accessible to those who use these types of transportation.

    The big problem with the bridge is that the sidewalk is very dangerous. It is 2 feet off the bridge pavement and cars are also driving right next to that. The sidewalks also has some small pot holes in it and being a bike rider could really be challenging to ride across with this side-walk.

    They should make a bike lane like they have for Madison Avenue to set up safety on this everyday use bridge. Hopefully they do so and make it safer for Rocky River and Lakewood residents.




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