Northeast Ohio Schools lacking SRO

Northeast Ohio Schools lacking SRO

Ali Alhamdani

Most of northeast Ohio schools do not have an SRO ( school resource officer).  An SRO is responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools. School resource officers typically have additional duties, including mentoring and conducting presentations on youth-related issues.

An SRO usually goes through 40 hours of specialized training. The training includes the officer to work with the kids in school and outside of school. The SRO helps prevent school shooting because the officer looks for dangerous signals from students. In 2018 there has been 64 school shootings with more than 70 students dead and hundreds of students injured.

Most schools and colleges don’t have metal detectors in their buildings, so it is easy for most people to bring a weapon to school. Schools have done everything to prevent a school shooting for example schools have tried bulletproof book backs on students and some schools have tried to make the teachers take safety classes to prevent a shooting in the classrooms.

Most schools have cameras, but that doesn’t stop the school shooter. The only thing that Northeast Ohio schools haven’t tried is having SRO. Senior Tommy Sala said, “I think it’s a pretty good idea because there is a sense of safety if you get a SRO in the school to prevent a shooting from happening.”

The School Resource Officer has to learn the whole school by heart in case of an emergency. Another thing that the School Resource Officer has to do is to be good friends with the students because the information that the Officer gets is from the students. So the Officer has to understand each student and has to be aware of their issues and their lives outside of school. The SRO has prevented some school shooting in the past and they can still help and still prevent school shooting around outside of Northeast Ohio.