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    Is Lebron Regretting His Decision


    After the Cavs lost in the finals last season most fans expected him to take his talents elsewhere. Across the country, many fans expected the superstar to make his way to Los Angeles, it was just a matter of time.  On July 2nd Lebron dropped the news that he would be making his way to the Lakers and sports fans went crazy.

    The Lakers are 8 games into the young NBA season and they’re currently sitting at a record of 3-5. Every Lebron team takes time to mold and gel together but this team feels different. This Lakers team that was constructed by Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, lacks one thing and that’s another star alongside Lebron. In the off-season they made moves for veteran players like Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo and Javale McGee but didn’t surround Lebron with any knockdown shooters or stars. Instead, this roster is filled with a surplus of young talent as well but they also tend to struggle from deep.

    The long NBA season can be very taxing on Lebron’s body. Every year, around January his teams don’t do so well because he becomes fatigued. Usually during this short period he would rely on another star to help carry the load. In Miami he had Dwayne Wade and in Cleveland he had Kyrie Irving that he could lean on during the long season. This year he doesn’t have a star alongside him or players with playoff experience. Senior Adam Hascher said, “Even though the young guys can’t shoot yet, they’re going to pan out to be something special”.

    Lebron has already expressed his frustration after a loss against the Timberwolves, where he had a crucial turnover at the end of the game. He is locked up in a 4-year deal and it would be a bad look for him if he requested a trade at any point this season.


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