The Iphone XS Max

The Iphone XS Max

Shane Rakes

The Iphone XS Max was able to be pre-ordered September 14th and they were going to be shipped out September 21st. I was begging my mom to let me get this amazing new Iphone and she finally let me. On November 6th, we went to Verizon and we got the phone. When we were still in the store and we were setting it up, it would constantly turn on and off. The worker was puzzled by whatever was going on. The phone wouldn’t let us do anything without turning on and off again and again.

Finally, we decided to take it to Apple so the real masters could take a look at it. After about 15 minutes of waiting for one of the Apple members to help me with my horrible problem, he looked through my settings and started a trouble shoot. The first time we started the trouble shoot it turned off, so we had to wait for it to turn back on for the second time.

Finally the second time it worked and they gave me the bad news that the phone is broken, something was broke in the inside of it causing it to do that. They gave me two options either they can ship it out and get it fixed for free or I could go back to Verizon and see if they could exchange it.

So I decided to take it back to Verizon and the boss who was working on my phone was so nice and he exchanged it. This phone is amazing, whoever wants the phone they should get it and they said the thing that happened to me was rare so it probably will not happen to you. Lakewood’s own Miranda Larimer said, ” Iphones are a pretty high quality phone I’m surprised there was a defect.”