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    Quisqueya La Bella


    Quisqueya La Bella is a Dominican cuisine in Cleveland, Ohio. The restaurant used to be located on 46th Street and Clark Ave, but moved to 2317 Denison Ave.

    The restaurant specializes in Puerto Rican and Dominican dishes like sancocho, mondongo, empanadillas, alcapurrias, fried pork with plantains, camarones con mofongo, and beef stew with rice and beans.

    I went with my family to eat here about a week ago. My mom’s side of the family is Puerto Rican, and my dad’s side of the family is Dominican. Although Dominican and Puerto Rican food is made at home almost everyday, the food tastes very different.

    The food tastes very authentic. I have gone to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico many times, the food at Quisqueya La Bella takes me right back. My favorite food to eat from there is the bistec con arroz y habichuelas (white rice with beans and steak). My sister loves their empanadillas de pollo (chicken half moons), she says that they taste exactly how my grandmother used to make them before she passed away. My mother and father are old school and they like the pescado frita con arroz y habichuela (white rice with fried fish).

    Adamaris Velez said “I would recommend this place to anyone that enjoys, or would like to enjoy authentic Dominican and Puertorican food.”

    Jack Heuter agrees with her as well and says, “ Me and my family love coming to this place since you got us hip. My mom can’t even make the food that good.”

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