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    Mac Miller’s Cause of Death


    The famous rapper and celebrity was found unresponsive in his Los Angeles city home. Mac Miller was only twenty-six at the time of his death leaving his fans in shock. The Los Angeles medical examiner announced that rap star died from, “a mix of the powerful opioid fentanyl,  cocaine, and alcohol.”  Although he died in September, the toxicology report has recently been released due to the months it takes for it to develop.

    At first, the reason for Mac Miller’s death was left unknown, “a cause of death was deferred pending further investigation,” said the medical examiner’s office. The coroner later ruled the official manner of his death as an accident.

    Fentanyl, the potent drug that was found in the celebrities toxicology report is a synthetic opioid that is used medically as a legal pain medication or can be used with other chemicals for Anastasia. The fentanyl Mac Miller consumed was illegally produced and was likely mixed into his cocaine.  In 2016, fentanyl took the lives of over 20,000 United States citizens. The drug is around 100 times as strong as morphine which causes it to be so lethal. Mr.Miller is of the first big name to have died from fentanyl, some of the most famous musicians have accidentally overdosed on medications containing fentanyl including ‘Prince’ and Tom Petty. Another American rapper, ‘Lil Peep’, died from overdosing on the deadly drug.

    Just before his death, Mac Miller was at his most famous point in his career. He was only weeks away from hosting his first concert in his tour with ‘Vulture.’ His legacy will continue to live on through his fans and music. After Mac’s death, his family said he was “a bright light in this world for his family, friends and fans.”

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