Ice Cream Joy Is Closing Its Doors

Ice Cream Joy Is Closing Its Doors

Maddi Tobey

Lakewood is home to many ice cream and treat shops, one of which is Ice Cream Joy. Ice Cream Joy was opened in 2015 by Marissa Flynn, turning her hobby of making ice cream into a job. The shop is located 15210 Madison Ave and is sadly closing its door for good.

Ice Cream Joy offered its customers popular vegan flavors, including “cayenne sweet potato pecan” and “chocolate-chip coconut cookie dough”. They also had a variety of sorbet. Since its opening, Flynn added coffee services and a build-your-own brunch menu with more than 50 toppings for salads, toast, and oat bowls.

Many Ice Cream Joy fans are sad to see it go, but Flynn has offered one more opportunity for getting their fill of sweet treats. On November 8th there will be a sale from noon to eight in the evening. Customers will be able to shop from the remaining pints of ice cream.

For Flynn, closing the shop was “a very difficult decision.” In a public statement she said, “I love the shop and have really enjoyed meeting all of you.” However, this might not be the end of the shop. According to Flynn there have been many people asking for information on buying the shop, leaving her “hopeful that it will live on.”

Lakewood High School student, Sofi Dunay, is one of the many residents who will miss Ice Cream Joy, saying “It was a unique ice cream shop that had something for everyone. It’s hard to come across good vegan ice cream in such a big variety of flavors.”