Midterm Election Results

Midterm Election Results

Seth Andregg

Early Wednesday morning Democrats clinched the 218 House seats needed to take control. There were at least 15 additional tossup seats that had yet to be called but the win was secured by the Democrats.

This is a big deal for many things. The will be investigating President Donald Trump most importantly. But they have other plans too. They have a big push for the 2020 election for a new candidate to face Trump if he decides to run for President again.

The two parties each had some big successes in the states. Republican governors were elected in Ohio and Florida, two important swing states in President Trump’s 2020 campaign calculations.

With a majority in the House, Democrats are expected to launch a flurry of investigations into the president and his administration.

The White House’s legal team is reportedly bracing for potential ideas that include whether Trump obstructed justice in the Russia investigation, the misuse of taxpayer dollars by several cabinet officials, and hush money paid to women to keep silent about their alleged affairs with Trump before he was elected president.

This goes back to the whole Russia hacking the election and rigging it for Trump to win the election automatically. It is highly doubtful this happened but citizens will do what they want.

Florida and Ohio are always important states to win in any election. Neither Republican or Democrat is guaranteed for these states.

“When Democrats win — and we will win tonight — we will have a Congress that is open, transparent and accountable to the American people,” she proclaimed. “Are you ready for a great Democratic victory?” Nancy Pelosi said. (CNN.com)

Donald Trump doesn’t seem phased by this win of the Democrats and will continue to do his job as a President. He already tweeted multiple things about the House and is not worried about it.