Towns Are Burning

Towns Are Burning

James Morrissey

A fast-moving fire in northern California has spread to the outskirts of the City of Chico early on Friday, the fire would go on to leave the nearby town of Paradise destroyed. An issued evacuation notice was sent out by officials. Chico, a city about 90 miles away from Sacramento houses about 93,000 people. Chico is currently undergoing emergency evacuation. Chico is around 150 miles north of San Francisco, making it hard to believe there is a smoke advisory that has been issued for the entire Bay Area.

There is a map that you can check out that is continuously updated to show the wildfires in California.(Google maps) The largest wildfire in California now covers 70,000 acres with only 5 percent containment. According to officials say 2,162 firefighters along with the help of 18 helicopters, 50 bulldozers and 187 fire engines fight the uncontrollable enormous fires. Not only does it affect the state and the people but is a tremendous financial burden.

Last year state agencies spent nearly $1.8 billion putting out wildfires that would eventually end up killing dozens of people and destroyed thousands of homes. The only light that is shined upon the subject is that California taxpayers will receive reimbursement of the damage done from the government. Also because California is rolling in cash they have plenty of funds in place to balance the budget.

We talked to Denis Morrissey whose home burnt down in 2004. We ask him what it was like when he found out, and his feelings on the subject. “…luckily we were nowhere near the home when that unfortunate event took place. Not only did it bring me stress, it was a huge financial burden.”