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    The Most Stressful and Stress-Relieving Sport


    Everyone loves to swim because it lets you relax and cools you down. When it comes to swim team it is a whole different story. Most people try out at the beginning of the year thinking it is going to be easy, like you are just going to swim a few laps and that is it. Well sorry to put it to you guys it is not just a few laps and it is not very easy.

    The sport is all around very time-consuming and a commitment. There is practice very day after school for usually about 2 hours. Once you get in the water it is just non-stop swimming. There are different sets everyday usually based on a specific thing. Meets are set up quite similar to cross-country meets, there are certain  events and heats, you race to see who gets first and whoever gets first gets the most points for that heat.

    This sport works your muscles a lot and builds your endurance. You can easily get stressed doing this sport but all of the work you put in pays off. When you swim it relieves a bunch of other stress. You feel quite relaxed. It feels like you are just swimming your stress away but sadly when you get out it usually ends up coming back.While swimming it helps you think about something you might have pushed to the back of your head.

    The swim team is a great team filled with many people. We all usually get along quite well with each other. Although this sport is mostly individual we use teamwork to cheer on our other teammates while competing. They make the sport a fun and hard-working experience. “I love the team and the sport so much I am happy I decided to start doing it my freshman year,” said junior Conor Peppard-Kramer.


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