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    Northern California Wildfires


    The Northern California wildfires are getting out of control, this is the most lethal blaze in California history. Fast winds still continue to howl and feed Southern California’s crazy fire.  Firefighters made progress containing the fire on Monday. This fire made a town of paradise into a town of ashes.

    Resident Nichole Jolly told CNN,” if you’re going to die, die fighting.” In some areas of the states, tables have turned from a rescue mission to a clean up and recovery mission. As the residents started to return home their eyes were stunned by all of the charred remains of cars, trees, and buildings.

    Nearly 100 people are still missing in California. Many people are hoping that they had found somewhere safe to stay and that they are alright. Fires are still burning and the death toll is supposed to rise, but so far 42 bodies were found and recovered from either homes or vehicles. The largest of the three fires is the Camp Fire. This fire has burned about 111,000 acres across Northern California. The Woolsey and Hill Fires had spread about 85,500 acres and the massive evacuations had 300,000 people forced out of their houses.

    Celebrities Neil young, Robin Thicke, and Gerard Butler were also a few of the very many that lost their homes. Lakewood’s own Alexander Blinky said, “this is terrible, I couldn’t imagine being these people and losing almost everything I loved and cared about. The firefighters are very brave and they deserve a huge thank you for everything they have done for the state of California.”



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