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    Chicago Hospital Shooting


    On Monday, November 19th, a domestic shooting occurred at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital. Four people were killed: a police officer, a doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant, and the shooter. The victims were identified as emergency room physician Tamara O’Neal, pharmacy resident Dayna Less, and police officer Samuel Jimenez. It is unclear if the shooter was killed by a self-inflicted wound or by a police gunfire.

    The shooter was identified as 32 year-old, Juan Lopez. His first victim was a woman that he was once in a relationship with, which makes the tragedy a domestic incident.

    The incident started around 3:30 pm in the parking lot of the hospital when Lopez began talking to a woman. They apparently started arguing, which caused a friend of the woman to try to intervene. Lopez then showed them that he was carrying a gun, causing the friend to run away. Moments after, witnesses said that there was an assault that was followed by gunshots. The police were called and arrived on the scene after multiple 911 calls, and Lopez began shooting at the officers while they were still in their cars. He then ran into the hospital, being followed by the police officers. There was a shootout inside the hospital between Lopez and the officers, resulting in Lopez being fatally wounded, along with another woman who was getting off of an elevator.

    Within the last week, there have been four fatal shootings in four different states. Hopefully, we can find a way to stop the deaths of innocent people. As Lakewood resident, Sofi Dunay, “It is so sad to see so many shootings and innocent people’s death.”

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