Push Yourself For Greatness

Push Yourself For Greatness

Maddy McFarlin

Life is hard sometimes but most of the time something positive will come out of it. You need to work for what you truly want in life. As annoying and rough as it may be you need to do it, because it will turn out well in the end. Negatives can easily be turned into positives if you work for them.

You want to push yourself to help you improve yourself. Set goals for yourself and push yourself to reach those goals. Make them something difficult so when you are able to reach the goal you will feel amazing after.

When you push yourself you will become stronger mentally and, depending on your goal, physically. You will grow as a person and become the best you that you can be. You will be able to know that you can do it.

Once you succeed you will be able to believe in yourself for anything. You will not doubt yourself or be down about your goal. You will fight for it and reach it. You will use all the power you have in yourself to make this goal possible because you need it and want it.

People will tell you all the time that you can not do it or something rude like that. You can not listen to them because deep down inside you know that you can do this. “Many people think that I am not capable of doing half the things I do but I always push myself and succeed,” said sophomore Ella Villafane They are not you, they do not know what you are capable of. You can do this if you set your mind to it.