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    Start of the Shopping Season


    It’s the most wonderful time of the year– to go shopping. Every store is decorated for the holiday season, Christmas music is playing, and the monsoon of people are filling the aisles with holiday cheer.

    With the passing of Black Friday on November 23rd, Shop Local Saturday on November 24th, and Cyber Monday on November 26th, it has shoppers excited for the most intense shopping season of the year.

    According to KRQE, their analysts stated that, “Americans could spend more than $1 trillion this season.”Forbes shows that over the first two days of the shopping season their was a growth of 28% on Thanksgiving Day and a growth of 23.6% on Black Friday.

    With our advanced technology, our nations online shopping has also increased tremendously. It has grown so much in the last ten years, that it is hard to tell the difference between in store and online sales.

    Janet McElwain, a long time in store shopper, stated that, “I have always shopped in store, but with online sales being the same if not better than in store I have slowly increased my online shopping. The only thing that won’t compare is the feeling you get being in a crowd of people with Christmas music playing— the best feeling!”

    The feeling that McElwain receives when shopping in the store may be a sensation others feel as well, since the numbers prove that we still have had a consistent number of people heading out to the stores to do their shopping.

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