New Lakewood West Shore Sports Science Exercise Science program!

New Lakewood West Shore Sports Science Exercise Science program!

James Morrissey

Lakewood High School hosts the West Shore program, a series of classes that give students from Lakewood and surrounding schools a change to get real world experience and an eye into future careers. The program makes it easy for student to also get a job straight out of high school, giving help to students who don’t desire to pursue their education at a university.

Next year, the West Shore Career-Tech District is expanding, adding a Sports & Exercise Science program beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. The new program can lead you to carriers in personal fitness, athletic training, therapeutic careers and more can be found at Lakewood High School’s website. The Sports & Exercise Science program is the 13th program that West Shore offers, joining ranks with Construction, Culinary, and the recent addition Theater Arts.

Adding a sports and exercise science program became a hot topic once the new as students state-of-the-art fitness/workout facilities opened. The gym is equipped with complete diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. LHS worked with The Lakewood Recreation Department as well as other community partnerships to get this done.

We talked to underclassmen Phoenix Jouriles a student athlete at LHS who plays football, baseball, and hockey. “I am seriously considering taking that class next year,” Jouriles stated. He would go on to say, “I feel bad for all the seniors and juniors who do not even have the opportunity to pursue this path. I know a couple of people who would have really loved it.”

His friend Pete Patsouras weighs in stating , “I love our athletic trainer. Jen is the best and she loves what she does, not only is it intriguing it pays well.”