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    7-Year-Old Sensation


    The highest paid Youtuber of 2018 is 7-year-old Ryan of Ryan ToysReview. Ryan’s videos range from 5-30 minutes and often feature his mother, father and twin sisters. Ryan reviews toys, costumes and games. He has been so successful that he now has partnered with Bonkers Toy Co. to create a line of toys called “Ryan’s World”; these toys are sold through Walmart, Target and Amazon.

    Forbes Magazine has relayed that Ryan is Youtube’s highest paid vlogger of 2018, passing the Paul brothers and Jeffree Star. The size of his paycheck? $22 million.

    How it works:

    1. Ryan unboxes a toy in front of the camera.
    2. Ryan plays with the toy and talks about its features with commentary.
    3. Ryan (or Ryan’s parents) upload the video to Youtube.

    Seems almost too simple, right? That’s because it is. The simplicity and funny comments this first grader makes are of such a simple concept, but one we don’t see very often.

    Ryan began his channel in March of 2015, his mother quitting her job as a high school chemistry teacher to help Ryan follow his Youtube dreams. It all began when Ryan saw other toy review pages and asked why he couldn’t do the same. Ryan now has 17.2 million subscribers and posts nearly every day.

    The family also has another channel called “Ryan’s Family Review” which brings in more revenue and features every member of the family. His charismatic father is always up for playtime with Ryan, and his little twin sisters are of the same energy.

    Senior Breslin McCrae says,”Why did I not think of this first?”

    Link to Ryan’s channel:

    Link to Ryan’s family’s channel:





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