HB 565 Vows to Fully End Legal Abortion in Ohio

HB 565 Vows to Fully End Legal Abortion in Ohio

Sam Stone

Ohio is a crusader for the usurpation of female reproduction rights. It started with the Heartbeat Bill, known as HB 258. Now here comes its bigger and badder successor–HB 565.

HB 565 differs in this–rather setting strict limits, it outright bans abortion. Yes, even in cases of rape, incest, or the risk of the mother’s life. It changes the classification of an unborn fetus now be considered a person. That now makes the act of terminating the pregnancy a form of murder.

HB 258 penalizes the doctor if an abortion is performed after a detection of a heartbeat. The doctor could face a year in jail and fines up to $2,500. HB 565’s reform means that women who do go through with an abortion could possibly be given the death penalty.

“The fear isn’t from its passage. It’s the fact that’s it’s gotten so far. I don’t think it will pass. But it being created just says a lot about how they [those in government]  feel about women and not helping those who are scared and at risk,” said Era Bakia, LHS senior.

Now the likelihood of HB 565 is uncertain. It currently has its main sponsors, Republican Rep. Rob Hood and A. Nino Vitale. It is co-sponsored by a group of 16 Republicans within the House. There are about 20 out of 100 House Representatives that are outwardly in favor for HB 565. This is of course not the needed majority.

Also, it is still in question if Governor Elect, Mike DeWine, would act if the bill crossed his desk. He has been public about his support for HB 258, a bill that had been previously vetoed by current Governor John Kasich.

The bill, and the state of Ohio’s reproductive rights, are up in the air.