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    Help Us Out…

    Help Us Out...

    When kids are walking or getting dropped off at school and it is snowy or icy out, you can make it better for us. If you live near the high school when you know kids walk past your house try to put down salt so it is not all that icy. Someone can seriously get hurt if they slip and fall on the ice and that would not be good. We already dread having to come to school but imagine us walking and end u falling on our way to school…that would e a lot more dreadful.

    We are just trying to make it inside safe and sound. We may be running a little late and falling would not help us out any. We are walking the freezing cold, slipping and sliding everywhere, we might as well have ice skates on. All of this would not happen if some people put salt down. “I hate walking to school and always slipping on ice, the amount of times I have almost fell are just too many to count,” said sophomore Amara Deyo-Flagg.

    If you are already shoveling put a little bit of salt on your sidewalk. Thank you to the amazing people who already do this. The school can not cover all over for us so the Lakewood community can help out us kids. This goes for everyone elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. We all need help, as much help as we deserve. Some of the kids at these schools could be one of your kids and imagine if they were to slip and fall on ice and how sad you would be to find out that terrible news.

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