Cleveland Indians Latest Trade

Cleveland Indians Latest Trade

Nina Zanghi

Every year, Major League Baseball holds the 4-day-long Winter Meetings. Representatives from all 30 major league teams and the 160 minor league teams come to discuss business and off-season trades and transactions. This year, the Cleveland Indians ended the Winter Meetings as apart of a three team trade with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Seattle Mariners.

The Cleveland Indians traded power hitter Edwin Encarnacion to the Mariners and received first baseman Carlos Santana in return. The Indians also traded infielder Yandy Diaz and righty Cole Sulser to the Rays, and received outfielder Jake Bauers. The Mariners will also send $6 million to the Indians, the Rays will send $5 million to the Mariners, and the Indians will send their Round B pick to the Mariners.

Trading Edwin Encarnacion has allowed the Indians to open up some payroll space for the upcoming year. Although Carlos Santana is more expensive, the money is divided up between the years, making him cheaper than Encarnacion.

This is not Carlos Santana’s first time on the Cleveland Indians. For Carlos Santana made his MLB debut with the Indians back in 2010. Santana stayed on the Indians until 2017, until he was a free agent and signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. He then moved to the Seattle Mariners, and is now back with Cleveland Indians.

When Cleveland Indians fan, Sean Miller, heard about the trade, he said, “I am very disappointed that Yandy Diaz will not be on the team next year, but I am very excited to see what impact Carlos Santana will have on the team.”