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    Recap of Lakewood Hockey Weekend 12/15


    The Lakewood High School Rangers went 1-1 this weekend. They played NDCL and Brecksville. 2 key matchups for the future of the Rangers as they seek a spot in the Baron Cup tournament. NDCL was a home game at Serpentini Winterhurst Ice Rink and the game against Brecksville was away at Brooklyn Recreation Center.

    On Saturday, December 15th, your Lakewood High School Varsity Hockey Team took down NDCL in a shutout. Final score was 4-0.

    Junior Forward Captain Will Holden had 3 goals in that game. Senior Forward Jared Yocabet had 1 goal to make 4 in total.

    The shutout was due to a great team effort, everyone played well and the crowd also played a big role in the game. As NDCL was not an easy team to beat, the crowd was for sure in their heads.

    Hard fought shutout for the Lakewood Rangers.

    “We deserved that win going into the weekend, we worked hard at practice all week and it all pays out at these games we play in. We want that Baron Cup spot for the tournament. Our team has to work hard and we all have to want it,” senior Forward Captain Benjamin Manner said.

    On Sunday, December 16th, it was a night of the opposite for the Rangers hockey squad. They played Brecksville and it was an unlucky night for the Rangers. Final score was 2-1.

    Junior Forward Captain Will Holden scored the only goal the Rangers had that night. That goal was in the second period of the game as the beginning of the game was slow.

    Brecksville came into the third period firing back with 2 goals in under a minute. They took the lead like that and unfortunately the Rangers could not come back in this game.

    “Unfortunately, we couldn’t carry our confidence from the NDCL game into the next game and we weren’t focused on the task at hand,” junior Goalie Captain Rob Holden said.

    Not a bad weekend for the Rangers hockey team as they caught a win at home. The loss to Brecksville isn’t what they wanted but they will bounce back.



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